Thursday, February 07, 2008

i hit the starting gate
before the traps were raised
was halfway through the race
before the gun was raised

then fell at the first fence

no limbs are broken here
landed on my softest place
no time to show my fear
instead a search for grace

only thing bruised is my pride

so, i jumped the gun a little
but not disqualified
it takes 2 in a row for that
just looking for a flyer

i could feign injury

or a slow walk back to the starting gate
and take my hunkered place
its not the 100 yard dash
its a much longer race

and not an individual event

a new event, not seen before
longer than a marathon
a relay event
with a team of players

nothing to bet on here
no favourite or rank outsider
no winners or losers

no winners

no losers.

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