Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Country For Old Men

Watched it, the movie No Country For Old Men last night. Brutal. Chilling. The Coen Brothers at their very best. Jonothan Ross just made it his first review of the year on Film 2008, and already has it up as a potential movie of the year (early days I know).
Absolute masterful performances from all, especially Javier Bardem as the ice cold killer, and Tommy Lee Jones as the 'bemused' sheriff. Great cameo from Woody Harrelson too.
I ain't a fan of the horror or shoot me up genre's, but while this has elements of both, there is a real humanity in most of the characters and definite perceived lack of it from the assassin/killer that really engages.

Definitely one NOT to watch if someone is after you intent on causing you some mischief.

I was bemused myself by the last 15 minutes of this movie, gripped by all of it, and will be watching it again to try and figure out the last bit.

Some great advice also near the end from the sheriff's old dad - along the lines of ' all your time you spend tryin' to get back whats been took from ya, all the time there's even more going out the door...'

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