Saturday, January 26, 2008

dream 4

always we say, care for us, always we say care for us



then possibly a fifth higher

a mantra

As Jesus, we, are repeatedly punched in the face
til we can seem to take no more
By the enemy

By the one we have feared all our lives, unborn until our death bed is close

So we teach love - how to love
the very essence of love

By what our gaze sees at that moment

And what others who gaze upon us
See in that awful act upon us, as Jesus.

So the dream number 4 reveals itself, and plays out to the same conclusion.....

All is revealed at the end of the dream, and shall not be revealed in its entirety until that moment.
Even though the signs were there, and we thought we knew the score

Until that last note, held so beautifully in a semi-falsetto D-chord of absolute glory

Then, only then will the truth be known

And that truth shall be, that violence met with violence
Can only bring death and destruction
Chaos will forever rule until that day
when all the world shall hear and sing that beautiful tune

Always we say, care for us, always we say, care for us.....


Listen out, listen out

There is always a choice
And in the choices we make
SO the inevitable result shall occur

All may seen hunky dory for a long while
But always the choice will orbit
Until it returns
And in this comets' tail, shall drag the embers
Of the choices we have made

So, choose well, my dears
Heed well the wise words of the prophets
Who have seeked you out by divine manner
And whispered their words and sang their song
Deep into your human heart

Let those words live long
And flow through your blood
Reside in your cells
And find their way to enlighten your gaze
And sooth your soul


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