Thursday, September 13, 2007

the worst person to fall out with.....

the worst person to fall out with.....

your mam? dad?
best friend?
bank manager?
The Devil himself?
The hardest man in the pub?

No, surely the worst person to fall out with is yourself....

If it aint swinging inside then it aint singing outside.

I am ticking along here and it feels pretty good
Time quickens with each passing day, they do get shorter..

Being at odds with yourself can be helped by being with others who are at odds with their-self


Only can be healed by truth, and letting it go, whatever it is that is pitting you at odds with yourself
Separation, from the hurt
Affectation by the sharing of it

The biggest hurdle being the threshold of the door, and crossing it when that door opens for you, either by turning the handle yourself and finding it isn't locked

Or by some other kind soul opening it for you and inviting you in.

So I say to myself the serenity prayer, and find a song for you that works for me with this feeling.....

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