Saturday, September 01, 2007

GB07 moments.....

doing the Feedback session, hosting with Jude
& reading Martins prayer just before the games began there (adapted to past tense)
being backstage during Chas & Dave
talking about Vox amps with Michael McDermott
having tea made by our GB neighbours & friends Keith & Eileen (first timers)
seeing my mate Pip W on the big screen, addressing the communion service
being rollercoasted by steve
meeting John O'Donahue who knew me as Mr MP3 already (lift jaw fat lad)
flying a kite with jessica & grace, scratching the sky
discovering and immediately falling head over heeels for Duke Special, mainstage Monday
finally producing a usable Master DVD that was copiable, of Communion service, @6.30AM Monday (all night session)
thislebar-ing late, late with Dave, pip, keith, ross & bonny, andy, steve, ken, david, paul, et al
monday in general, slipping away, spending time with jules grace & danny
the amazement of the working togetherness of the recorded talks team:
Steve, ben, bethany, luke cd duplicating masters
john & richard mp3 team
stuart, catherine, bill, reuben, liz, tom, robert, gordon david, don and rob (saviour of the john smith talk) recording angels
Ivor & Hilary & the talks shop team
Beautiful pregnant Jacqui, immense
Super Angel Gill H my GB buddy

amazing evening skies, and moon

heaven in ordinary indeed

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