Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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high time i did a big update for all my avid blog readers (many thanks to both of you :-)

currently sitting here on large posterior looking at 4 screens of various shapes sizes and quality, (showoff eh?) - but - I have convinced myself I REALLY need them - 1 for PC which now operates as internet server/email client/ebay uploader and browser - 3 for mac, one for dashboard, one for apps (garageband, Reason, etc..), and one for movies (6 x 4 feet bigscreen)

Got to have the tools for the job in hand I say....
Viewing, therefore is 20/20, wonderful
Hearing, however is definitely not....

I have self-diagnosed myself with 'glue ear' - started at the beginning of the year with my right ear (which has always been a little less 'bright' than my left ear) - started to go even more muffled than norm, and I thought it was wax.... it was a bit like when your up in a plane and the pressure... got no better, so finally went to docs and she said, no, its catarrh, and its something that will come and go (which it did on and off, with a 'pop').......

However, 2 weeks or so back, I woke up through the night with some unpleasant feelings in the left ear, with a bit of pain, and on waking up in the morning, discovered my left ear was as bunged up and muffled worse than the right ear
SO, for past week have been trying decongestants, pills and sniffing, and inhaling to try and shift this 'orrible catarrh..... it ain't budging.

I am mutton jeff
I think I have found an answer, but getting hold of one may be a big problem

Its called the Earpopper - currently only available in the US with a prescription, but I just know this will work. If things get no better this week, I will have to find a way of getting hold of one.
This glue ear is something I am sure my dad suffered from for lots of his adult life - though never diagnosed, apparently its inherited....... another option may be to have the eardrums drilled and a grommet fitted to equalise the pressure between the middle ear and outer and inner ear, currently bunged up and totally unequal at the moment. (Scary!)
Other symptoms are dizziness and tiredness....... its really weird. And really mas it difficult to doing anything audio-related as volumes and tones and balance are all over the place....

Can still hear Danny Bib tho when he gets to top volume when he is hungry or tired or win-pained - even though i sit in soundproofed room he can really hit the top notes!
Here he is:

Last weekend gone was his christening, and a mighty fine weekend it was.
Weeks and weeks of preparation by Mrs Jules and me, and who says prayer don't work, as we had the only sunny, rain free day in 6 weeks on that Sunday.
Weather was great, church service fantastic, Father Mckenna really funny and scatty, Godparents wonderful, thanks to Pip and Joan, Lucille and Keith.

After show party with drink, karaoke and grub well received on the whole,

and we topped it off with a night out 'up Consett' - I was pissed and proud, as any dad would be.

Pip and Joan came for the weekend from Romford, we had an afternoon in the Toon, eating tapas, showing them the amazing sights of the posh bits of the toon, and managed to do a wee bit of recording with pip too.

Then drove them home on the monday, as Mr Wilson and I headed off for the Greenbelt Management Group monthly meeting that evening.

Its only 5 weeks away now, and lineup is looking superb, with lots of new stuff and old to irritate the comfortable.... and scrape the soul. Again as well as management group stuff, I am Recorded Talks team leader as we will be grabbing all the speakers seminars, duplicating and mp3-ing them, and having them up for sale within an hour or so of them finishing.

You can get a taste of this here, or go to iTunes store and search for 'Greenbelt Festival' under podcasts (first ever area of greenbelt to feature on iTunes whehey!!!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...


Your right about your old man having catarrh problems.Used to see him with a towel over his head and down over a bowl of steaming salt water trying to loosen it.

The pictures of the christening are great and the little fella obviously takes after his mom because he's too good looking to take after you.

See the Black cats got off to a good start too so looks like we mifht have a good year all round

Love maureen and Bob