Friday, May 18, 2007

i am a man
sometimes but a hapless man
2 arms and 2 legs
and a head full of wonder

a lowly man
walking upright and looking at the stars
Always mud on my shoes

One heartfull of heartache and cholesterol
Full of love tonight
For a woman who bore my children
Sorry is never enough
Can never erase the deeds done

Can never forget
Always has the scar

When we metyou were unsure, and your instinct was so right
I was a chancer
But you took the chance

Without you I am nothing but a hapless man
Without you I am still a child
Without you I am just skin and fat and bones

With you I am complete
And all the baggage is left behind

happy anniversary jules 17 years of marriage and 22 years of knowing

john xxx


Anonymous said...

nanci griffith - when i dream
have a listen

richard-webber said...

John, Hope you are well. Hope to see you at the wilsons mansion next week,