Sunday, February 25, 2007

Your addiction

Tea madame? Coffee Sir? How about a nice cigar.

Would you like another drink?

Can you work this weekend?

How about a quickie?

Just one more shot..... then you can give it up tomorrow.....

Addiction or just a little over-indulgence?

Whats your poison .....

If like me you have an addictive weakness to anything or many things, sometimes you need to go cold turkey for a while.... or for good even ....

Dont think I could do without coffee though - sorry!!!!!!!

Sorry also to be a bit cryptic and vague, maybe you can work it out.

Anyhows, i just discovered virgin rock classic radio on me sky box

First 4 tracks i heard there

Speed King - Deep Purple
Breath - Pink Floyd
Mystify - INXS
Unforgettable Fire - U2

(thanks for the idea of linking to youtube vids in this way - nicked from you liz!!!!

Retro? Nostalgia? Stuck in a Moment?

Maybe, probably even - but just music from my life soundtrack......... liking the old virgin classic rock..... likin it-

Weird time to be up after sleeping in 2-3 hour bursts of late, 5:23 AM GMT - need to go out for supplies of nicotine and glucose.....

oh dear..... so much for cold turkey.........

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