Tuesday, October 10, 2006

this is what we have...

this is what we got. Look around and inside, its our life, it is how it is. 
We can change it if we dont like it, but right now this is the summation (is that a word?!) of us. 
Me. You.
It is all we have. 

You may annoy me in certain ways, and enchant me in others, but you sure make me FEEL

That is directed at nobody in particular, but everyone in fact.

Anyhow, what a fantastic weekend.

Time spent with Mrs Jules, loved it, got to know each other just a little bit better (that is SO important even after these 21 odd years we have known each other)

Time spent with some special - very - people at the iPod show in posh London town.

Just amazing, yet amazing in its REALNESS and simplicity, yet stretching-ness way.
More to reflect on that gig, much more I hope in the coming days.

10 quid for a salad - oh my....... (dont worry, the salad WASNT for me!)

I think i want to email everyone that was at the iPod show, with my thoughts and stuff, but a general HOOHAH! to you all ladies and gentlemen.

And we stayed at the WilsonMansions - VERY exclusive accomodation in London, only the very best for us eh?
Mein host, Monsieur Wilson himself absolutely first class, fine liquers, cigars, bacon and eggs, soft beds, clean sheets, cool grooves,but most of all true, welcoming, loving friendship.

We changed the world late into the night.

Today, I have followed upon my promise to get at the decorating of the kitchen and conservatory (posh eh?!) - sanded and stained wooden floors, and I havent lost the old painters knack.

Best news of all is, we all went (me, jules and gracie) to jules 20 week scan, and checked out through ultrasound our coming addition to the Noble family band.
All is normal, I thank God for that.

And Science.

Its the same thing, really, of course.

hey ho......

winding down, checking out podcast world, my new favourite media.......

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