Monday, October 02, 2006

m is for monday, meeting (not), memories, martyn & martin

should really be at the management group meeting review of GB06 taking place tonight..... but decided not to go, reasons not sure, lack of funds maybe! Its a 8 hour minimum round trip, usually takes up 2 days inc.recovery time...Thoughts are there right now, and know that good people are at work right there....

Cut my grass instead, new lawn from seed it is, seems to be taking ages, careful not to get obsessed with it! But on knees with scissors and picking weeds out this morning, raking,re-seeding bare bits........ someone famous said that being a gardner was like being at church, something like that, spending lots of time on your knees and all that......

also time spent wrangling with much-disliked paypal & credit card company, i hate having to use paypal as anoption for folk to use when they buy ebay stuff from me, pp sucks. they are always right, and can do what they like, so it seems when debiting money from your on-file credit card or bank account. Steps taken to not have to use this moneygrabbing ebay-monopolizing sack of shitbags.

worked with jules on sorting and tidying, so i can get on and get organized..... she is a great help and good at booting my arse.
she looks plump today,is not impressed when i mention it (nearly 5 months gone now)

social weekend we had, yesterday with jules family, dads birthday special chinese meal out at the best place i have been in, chic does great with chopsticks

and saturday we were invited to the Blights for tea!
Very nuce curry style, and good company.... sorted out there broadband for them too, very satisfying indeed to fix aproblem they had with 2 clicks of a mouse, when dave the babe had been tearing his (already in-short-supply) hair out for hours on end......

so, on with the day, couple of emails prompted me searching for things marti(y)n related - leading to some wonderful finds....
this fellas fantastic webpage martyn joseph - one of the best homepage layouts i have seen....
checkout his diary for Greenbelt related controversy (whehey!), and see and hear great songs from the man - met him a few times at the festival :-)
and other martin - prefab sprouter - mcaloon - used to work with him a bit at newcastle college when he was lecturing there (unique and insightful wonderful man) - was asked if i had a contact for him, and he is proving elusive!
Found a great fan resource site here with links to all kinds of vids and audio & the like.
So put one up here below, one of my fav. sprout tunes.
(Must put a copy up here of a letter I got from Marty Sprout, he called my production work masterful...(blushes..)
He also said that it was a great thing never to become popular, cos then you could never become unpopular....... and taught me about Pythagoras and his 'Music of the Spheres'

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