Wednesday, August 30, 2006

greenbelt 2006 - home now

sitting in the semi-dark, quiet space now.
a different place to these past 6 days and 5 nights.
still buzzing, and the aura that surrounds me is filled with voices and pictures that have changed me over this short time.
never in bed before 4 AM, up by 9 each day.
6 days filled with work, endeavour, organisation, negotiation, forced 'time off' in short periods to try and enjoy some of the amazing happinings, music, seminars, art that fills greenbelt festival.
meetings. conversations. walking. sore and aching.
5 nights..... oh these past 5 nights.
my friend pip describes complete open communication as 'level 5 communication' - something rarely, if ever, achieved among people.
stella lager and cigars help me wind down and relax as i sat down in the group.
people come and join,and people get up and leave, and one to one conversations become opened up as a third joins in, and a fourth listens in.
deep deep. drinking from the well.....

emotions and revelations. opinions and information.

more will unravel as the days pass and i will share - not information or opinion, but, hopefully feelings.

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Steve said...


lovely to see you, but sad not to have got more time to chat, sir - let me know next time you're down here for a Management meeting or a gear delivery, and we'll meet up. Haven't had a proper chat in ages.

But what a fantastic weekend, eh? :o)