Thursday, April 27, 2006

kicking & digging

the easiest time to kick a man is when he is down.......on the bottom.......
get stuck in
the crowds delight in the massacre

easy to be in that crowd
to put the boot in
have a dig

not easy to say 'let him without sin, cast the first stone'

i was having a the labour party, so easy this week eh!
and the cops, inside filming exposing that they are no better than the rest of us (like we dont know that already???)

instead, i think on that phrase, about casting the first stone, and it changes my response.

More to pity and humbleness really.

I still think that if you put yourself up for any position of power, as a leader or a pillar of the community, then you lay yourself wide open to attack, and have to deal with the consequences of your, OUR, human behaviour.
If you mess up or dont practice what you preach, and then do anything to try and excuse that behaviour as being ok for you, but not for others, then you lose my respect, and all i hear from that time on is bullshit coming from your mouth.

Wouldnt it be so refreshing,and honest if someone came forward, just once, and said...'OK, I fucked me here.....I need your forgiveness.'

Not just in their words, but in their actions too.

That I can accept, and work with

So, let me say it.......I fuck up on a fairly regular basis......some small......some not so small....

So, help me

Forgive me

I want no power, other than that strength that allows me to dig a foundation (literally at the moment!).
To be the best dad and husband, son, brother, friend that I can be.
To pull on the boots that kick at the darkness, til it bleeds daylight.

Quite often that strength evades me, but let me find it, as I find it in the words......
'let him without sin, cast the first stone'

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The Harbour of Ourselves said...

Big lad.....i feel this, it never ceases to amaze me how many are so quick to throw sones. i gave up years ago cos i live in a glass house....cos i fuck up too and am tired of chucking bricks