Thursday, March 02, 2006

its the Law

picked up on t'internet recently, its Bono, addressing a distinguished congregation, an American Prayer breakfast, with Kings, presidents, well to do's all there, and an honest sense of wondering why the hell he was there!!, - asked to make the big speech, just before little georgie bush wraps it up.......
and this is what he spoke of........the law.
Man's law, and God's one, while sometimes proclaimimg to be done the the Others' name, does not always tally with the Other.
Freedom, rights, justice, all proudly proclaimed in Man's law, the laws of the state, the laws of the church, of the people.
Fine and upstanding laws that are meant to guide us and offer us a roadmap of how to expect to live our lives, to become worthy and worthwhile citizens, and give us all a chance in life.

Bono has a masterful way of charming.
Like a court jester in days of olde, a minstrel in the court of Kings.

Praising the good and the great, at the same time, cutting through to the heart with melody and rhythm.....quoting from the Koran, the Bible, from the words of Martin Luther King, with One voice, praising, and at the same time demanding for more, .......1 percent, the salesman was there to extract another 1 this case, asking for America to up its' committment to Africa by 1 percent.
The candidates for Alan Sugars' Apprectice job, should watch and learn.......

So back to the Law....Man's Law.
Been telly free for weeks now, trying to do my own salesman like work in the weird and wonderful world of online trickery and jigerry pokery, but the first programme i sit and am gripped by, is the story tonight on channel 4 about the last days of Hitler, in his bunker, while his world crumbled, exploded around him.
A world he had created, with his crew, using man-made laws that promised all of the above mentioned, as long as you fitted his criteria.
A long way from the kind of world he dreamt up to the world we live in today?
Is it?
In hitlers world, you were in if you had the right background, the right religion, skin colour, money, power, strength.
Sounds familiar.
If you were weak, poor, ill, the wrong race or religious belief, well history tells us what happened to you.

My telly night continued, the Money programme, exploring the legal loopholes that the rich exploit to evade (legally) tax.
Grand schemes with offshore homes and special accounts, only available of course if you have a certain amount in your bank balance.
I was torn between admiration and abhoration, of the lawyer who screws the taxman for the rich, if only it was available to all of us I would have been with him, yes I do have issues with the IRS, not to be gone into here of course!..........

Lastly on to Newsnight, headline story about Tessa Jowell and her husbands seemingly dodgy dealings with the Italian far right, and the discussion coming to a head with an upstanding MP announcing, beacause she has been let off the hook by little tony b, the Mp's discolsure of Interests legislation is now to be ripped up......

Man's law for one kind of man (or woman in this case), and one law for another.
If you are in, your ok, if your face fits, hey dont worry.
If you are the above....and ask, are things really that different now, for the better?

So, God's Law.
Where does He stand amongst the Laws of Man?
In the tallest cathedral? The corridors of parliaments? The courts of Kings?
Of course.
But not exclusively. No.
By no means.
His Law is on the streets tonight.
In the wind.
If you are a believer, it is also in the Holy books, and through them, in the poor, and the wise man who lives his life in (dis)harmony with struggle and creation.

But, as Bono suggests, and I have to agree, Gods Law is equality.
No distiction between man and his brother or sister.
All....One...not the same, different, but all Loved.
Crook or priest
president or junkie

sister, mother, wife, daughter


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