Thursday, January 19, 2006


if you use an online courier to book collections / deliveries, then best advised to avoid they are the utmost in pants.
no need to be specific, just absolutely awful.

on the upside, saw eddi reader last night at the sage in gateshead.
what an absolutely stunning person she is. one of the all time great singers, in one of the great venues to see a singer (and not fogetting her beautiful band, including boo hewardine and the northern sinfonia orchestra

eddi is touring her rabbie burns songs, hard to describe in words the lushness and bittersweetness at the same time spine tingling way she performs them (and a few of her own in their too....), hope u dont mind eddi, i am gonna play a one in my wee player, just above this post.....hard to choose between 'a fond kiss' or the one about the masterbating gardner.....hmmmmm we shall see......

went to her website after the gig when i got in, and joined her online forum - she posts and reads the posts by the look of it, so i said hello and invited her to play greenbelt 2006 (apologies if the good folk who do the bookings at greenbelt have already got there first - she was put forward on the 'wish list' at the greenbelt brainstorming night in december, i seconded that!)

Eddi is a great communicator with an audience, very funny and gorgeous too, even jules seemed to understand when we left the gig i told her i think i have fallen in love...... :-)
she said something along the lines of ' if you put it out there into the great big universe, then someday it will happen'
so i did.
will keep you informed when she replies..........

(also still working on my big greenbelt wishlist act :-)....may take a while of course.........

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Rainbow dreams said...

Thanks, am enjoying Eddi Readers music since your recommendation here........ :-)
Hadn't heard of her before, but pleased I have now