Friday, August 19, 2005

was gonna call this 'named and shamed' but changed it to 'finger pointing'

let me explain my disposition

just in on after a friday real good night out, playing cards at the top club, and singing some karoake at the black horse in consett (u2 if your interested).

ok already i lost some of you

fair play

so, in i gets, picks up 'the advertiser' local freebie newspaper that i like to read cos its local and its free.

big topic for us, is anthony fropm big brother had a big 'do' this week in blackhill consett park, laid on by derwentside district council.
nice you may say, as i did, he won big brother,and he is a local canny lad, give him a good do.

then, it goes on derwentside district council have bestowed on anthony the title of 'Ambassador for Young People', an official title, and asked hium to turn on this years christmas lights.

more here

Now the niceties end.
I am fucking furious. (not for the christmas lights booking - good choice for that methinks)
And I am thankful and glad and sing halleyuyah.
All in the same breath.


Because, along with the people who work locally with consett and surrounding areas youth, the guys who day in, day out, try to help the young people who are dealing with alcoholism and its violent side effects, drug abuse, young pregnancies, unprotected sex issues and all that palava, and I am dancing (with martynjoseph-like anger), with the thought that anthony is being held up as a great role model for all the kids around here.

Amazed by just how much that derwentside district council is so desperate for self publicity and glorification that they jump on this kid anthony and give him such a title and laud him as what young people should aspire too.

But eternally thankful that this has brought out into the light just what their (derwenside district council) agenda is........

Their time is now up

I call for the leader of that council, alex watson, to stand down, and apologise to us, the parents of derwentside's young people, and to admit, finally, he. alex watson, is an arsehole in a suit and tie.

With a well paid job and a totally corrupt attitude to having any kind of responsibilty to the people who he is supposed to represent.

Anthony is a canny lad who won a reality tv show cos he was the least problematic and issue-riddled contestant on there.
The least numbnutted.

He didnt save anyones life, or climb a mountain, or win an olympic medal, or anything of any value in the real, Kingdom-coming shit filled beatifully imperfect world we inhabit.

He won a tv show

Well done anthony.

Derwentside District Council, your cards, are marked.

well and truely

this is not the end of the matter, its the beginning of the end for some.

Bring on that day

bigjohn, consett news at 1AM, nobbymansions

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