Wednesday, July 13, 2005

mid week dilemmas

very insignificant in the grand scheme of things and events and revolutions of the earth on its' axis. But mine, these mid week dilemmas, mine.

Should i, or shouldnt i?
do this or do that?

All lead me to the conclusion that I am not as honest as I know I should be.
I cant even manage to get to bed on a night most of the time, let alone manage running a business or a family or other things that are very important in my life.

I am imperfect and i know that.
i want to believe i am beautifully imperfect, so i am sticking to that phrasing.

It may be part of the thing we are all having to deal with this week because of recent events, but i am very insecure and not with it at at all the moment.

There are issues to be dealt with, but they are not so important than love.

So I am falling back into its' loving arms right now, without even stopping to look behind me to see if its there.

Watch me fall...................

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