Sunday, July 31, 2005

i'm here

little music post for the blightys, just back from naughty paris.......

found out today why the bbc dont publish their listen again radio stuff as easy-to-download mp3's - cos its illegal for them to do so with any material that can be rewound - you know the rewind button is banned by law to the beeb!

come on ff's sake!

anyway, hope your weekend isnt a pissy wet rainy as nobbymansions, cant even do any weeding in this weather........(as if)

exploring the weird and wonderful world of burning dvd's, its an art i can tell you if you never done it, will be great when all the formats can agree and recognise each other, bit like life really......

for years i have heard and read about the 'internet folklore' that concerns the original movie of the wizard of oz, and what goes on if you turn down the sound, and instead sync up pink floyds 'dark side of the moon'.........well, finally got me a copy of the correct syncing, and man, its more than just a little if the floyd were deliberatly trying to mess with yer mind....a mess of co-incedences, or very very VERY clever art at work here, if you want a copy let me know.......

tata 4 n

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