Sunday, June 05, 2005

left footing

jules missed church today, didnt feel like it as past 2 weeks she doesnt like what her catholic priest has to say on certain issues, mainly last week being his 'moral' stance on human embryonic research, and the 'catholic churches position' making a stand against it.
Ok, mr. priest, when the little girl pictured above, and below is old enough to understand, you are welcome to come around to our house, sit her down, and tell her what an abomination she is, what a moral outrage to the catholic church and maybe society as a whole.
That is of course, after me and you have sat down one to one, and you have convinced me first. Of course, you would only get to me after first speaking to said little girls mother..........

Please make sure you have notified your parish that you may be gone for a little while......

in fact, twatishness of the highest magnitude.

because without said embryonic research, this little beautiful human person would simply not exist.

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