Thursday, June 16, 2005

geldof and ebay

wanted to blog on this topic the day it all kicked off, now prompted by 'question time' on bbc, one of their main talking points.
made me realise how things can just 'slip in' to the norm of acceptance, and unless someone stands up and says, hey, fuck off, thats not right!, then it goes unchallenged and someone, unfairly, gets stuffed. Some of the question time panel were right knackers about this topic, including clair short and some proper wanker journalist, basically saying they didnt give a toss who sold what, wherever.
I guess that must apply also to their views on fair trade with the people that geldof and his buddies are standing up for.
Without it being pointed out to me by mr sir bob, i am ashamed it almost went past me without thought, he wasnt getting at those who were selling tickets they had won via the text lottery, but instead really REALLY having ago at the massive, monopolising beast that is Ebay, and their management in the UK.
I use ebay, i have major issues about the way they treat people also, and i am delighted they got a smack, a major smack in the teeth.

Now there is a grand idea for a new venture if anyone wants to back me with some major cash, a fair trade online auction website.....................

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