Tuesday, May 31, 2005

return of the jedi

well, i was always a one for 'going missing' for periods, so apologies for not blogging in nearly a month now, today is my return to cyberspace after 4 weeks in that wonderful dimension called the real world.

in past 4 weeks i /we have been on hols / re-arranging the garden / enjoying 15 years wedded - ness and 2 years and 3 months of chick-filled-fantastic-ness all together.

Some things have suffered from my almost t'internet-free sabatical, but all will be addressed forthwith........(whan i stop my catching up on the U2 tour latest from willie williams insider viewpoint - excellent reading...)

So its back to ebay listings, streaming radio, mp3 recordings, unouno coffee, and all that.

Love the new star wars movie, btw best one since the first one (part 4 of course).

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