Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ay up

appaling lack of blogging on my part, for which i can offer no excuse apart from an inability or desire to say much.
Great news for me is cough is gone!! colds are gone!!!!
smoking free for 4 weeks exactly (and 1 day to be precise, but hey, who's counting!)

check me little spider friend and me watching the sun come up over towards the city of sunderland, some 30 miles or less away, now, of course Premiership football team status and champions of the championship (old division 1 in old money!)

its light really early as i move back in to the low lights of the studio to get to it..........
good bank hiloiday with time spent at the seaside with the chick and jules, and the wee funfair which the chick was introduced to with kind of bemused joy in a small way........ also a friends surprise 40th party on monday afternoon, which of course led to a wee drink or 3 and some songs sung, including my versions of most of the u2 back catalogue, which of course were offered up as part of the entertainment.......lil chick stealing the show climbing up on stage as i delivered my best bono-esque performance, and she did her dance towards the cream cakes on the buffet table,,,,,,superb she was quite impressed with her old dad and kept close all day,.......

so, with the return of good health and spring kicking in, we may get to tackling the huge job of making the garden into a chick playground for the summer...........spades out!!!!


Dave said...

Hi John

In case you missed it - check out this link - direct to live U2 sound check (albeit in silent mode!


Dave said...

Let's try a link that works!