Thursday, March 10, 2005


I make no bones about the fact that I just love U2.
I am a fan.
Their music took a few years to sink in to my skin, it was the War album that did it way back in the eighties.
Before that I was more of a hardcore punk, and superficially saw them as just that, superficial; pretty boys on the punk bandwagon
I had never really listened to their music up until the War album, it just passed me by up til then.

But I remember the day as if it were today, lying on a girlfriends bed, waiting for her to come in from work, and actually listening, listening, hearing, feeling......

'To bring the victory Jesus won'....... a line from sunday bloody sunday,..... that stuck....EH!

jesus and punkers!, always saw as jesus for the religious types, why is this guy mentioning jesus, and whats this victory he's on about????

the title track, war, the melodies, harmonies, the beat, jungle beat, worked its way in, and that day i GOT U2...

it was revelation..... a strong word, but thats what it was..... a revealing, i was ready to have their music revealed in a way that it hadn't been before, a key turned, slowly, and the door has been open since.

I got me tickets for this years upcoming tour, and i love the latest stuff, really love it.

So thats me as a U" fan, of their music, but as people?

I am sure they are as beutifully imperfect as the rest of us, but I do think that what they do outside their musical careers, especially bono, is something that takes me beyond being just a fan, no, i dont mean as a stalker!

But listening to this man talking about his belief in global justice, and how, together we CAN come together as ONE and CHANGE the WORLD, I am inspired, sleep falls away and I want to be involved, not 'be cool' and sit this one out, its far too important to be cool about.

Wondering what the hell I am on about???
Please take a pew, sit back, and log here:

bono's 3 wishes....

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