Thursday, March 31, 2005

fits and starts

mainly coughing fits at the moment!

no blogging for a week now, i dont know, thats the title, fits and starts, thats me.
I am real good at starting stuff, big ideas and going for it.
But i am real crap at seeing things through, finishing them.

Was right into doing the audioblogging last week, once i discovered how to do it, then......... nothing............

Will try to do one a week at least of the audioblog, we shall see what format they take, may be all different, talk to me, tell me if you like the stuff thats up here, or you may be a bit uncomfortable with some of it, i would love to know.......

Feeling real crappy, but count my blessings, thankful for all i am, have, dont have, want and dont want.

Loving the buzz of the new U2 tour it is just amazing.
Loving the Jamie Oliver blackmail of the labour party into getting what he wanted
Loving my little girl as she grows before my eyes daily in every way
Loving my missus jules for being so beautiful and sexy and caring
Loving the fact its so easy to book (cheap-if-your cute) train tickets here

Not loving my current unhealty state
Not loving my current lack of direction
Not loving the presenters on Talksport radio

Blessed, cursed..........inspired,, not enough

lifes full of contradictions innit

got to celebrate that

bottoms x

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