Wednesday, March 23, 2005


morning loves.....

as you may have noticed, below is me playing around with new stuff, available from here

Its fantastic stuff, a service that allows you to create podcasts, and audio blogs and video blogs, and paste them right here into the dear old blog page.....

4 dollare 95 cents amonth, woth every penny! (or maybe that should be cent...)

I spent all week on getting to grips with podcasting before I stumpbled on the audioblog site, it saved my sanity i can tell you!!!

Its all about rms feeds, you can do it other ways, podcasting i mean, but this is so simple even i can manage it.

Let me briefly say what podcasting is, though if you go here and type in the word podcast, you will have all you can cope with in the way of info.
Basically it is a service that allows you to record your own online radio programme for want of a better phrase. All you need is a microphone, broadband and a bit of time and something to say.
You can upload mp3's or .wav files to the service, and record your own voice, add video clips, all sorts, again as i say, make your own online programme FOR FREE!!! ( well, in this case you pay 5 dollars per month to use the audioblog service i am describing here, though if you are technically minded enough, and have your own webserver, you can do it for free.....)

The possibilities are opening up in my mind as to how this thing called podcasting can be used, and boy, i am very excited!
I try to explain a little of this to jules, who hits me wth the question 'but why???' ........
'because you can' my reply ..........

So, please look out in the next few days for my first attempt at an online show, playing a couple of bits of music, some ramblings from myself and maybe some pics turned into a wee video to go along with the whole thing



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