Tuesday, February 22, 2005

wow, and waw (what a weekend!)

well, 40 came and went yesterday, aged 40 i mean, feel it? most certainly, but it feels good!
Many hours spent with jules in capital city, sightseeing! - US! now that was something new, but tell you what i loved it, every minute......

museums, art gallery's, london eye, imax, soho theatre, a mega injection of stuff i just dont see normally.

dont get me wrong, london can be a nightmare if your skint, homeless, refugee, if you are broke, its a shitty place to end up.

It has many sides, and i didnt ignore the peole that were wrapped up in a sleeping bag asking for change......its real.... as real as all the beautiful works of art on show in that big city.

I got 2 cakes, a card and the most bestest ever rendition of happy birthday to you i have ever had in all my 40 years, from my colleagues, friends, fellow life and soul searchers from greenbelt MG.
You know who you are, and I thankyou, thankyou.......

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