Thursday, January 13, 2005

Quote of the Week

"Have you never tried doing acid? My recommendation would be Folic" - Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 2 Tuesday night........

Well, day 2 of the blog, just woke up, as opposed to yesterday just going to bed at this time.
My upside down life is upside down today, 'normal hours' you might say.

"The trouble with normal is, it always gets worse" - Bruce Cockburn, The Trouble With Normal (song)

Last night was my electronics course night, fascinating stuff electronics, being a 'mature student' also.

Proud to call myself a student, 40th birthday just round the corner. Something I have done in spurts since leaving school at 16. (Getting 'educated' I mean)
The more you learn, the less you know you know - another quote - day of quotes perhaps?

We are doing diodes at the moment, already covered the basics of resistors, capacitors and transistors.
Hmmm, dont understand as much as I probably should, but there is a purpose behind the knowledge-seeking - To fix all the knackered gear I buy off ebay, then sell it for some wages.
Not all the gear I buy & sell is knackered mind - no, no, but I like to have the back off stuff, sometimes the fault is something simple.........

Today brings a visit to the city of Sunderland to check out some lighting and a mixer......
First football match I ever went to was at Roker Park, 30-odd years back, I can still remember being amazed by how 'GREEN' the grass on the pitch was - wow - vivid memory.
Sunderland won that day, been a fan on and off ever since they won the FA cup in 1973 beating the mighty (at the time!), Leeds United, dont tell me you cant remember that Jimmy Montgomery save onto the bar, and Bob Stokoe running on the pitch hugging him at the final whistle.......

Coming back to 'normal' - (there's that word again...), after new year couple of weeks doing little as possible, it always takes me a week or more to get back into to London town tomorrow to pick up new gear and , this enable me to attend the Greenbelt Brainstorming night, which excites much......

If you dont know, Greenbelt Festival runs every year at Cheltenham Racecourse on August Bank Holiday weekend, its one of the highlights of each and every year since stumbling on it some 20 years or so ago.
Its a wonderful place full of wonderful people, beautiful moments are there to be discovered in abundance.
Revelation, sadness, humbleness, joy and God hangs out there. He is in the fabric.
The people who dream it all up and make it happen are gathering on Friday, and I am honoured to be a part of it in my teeny tiny way.
Its run by volunteers, with a small staff running the office throught the year, and you can check out what its all about here:

c y'all soon.......


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