Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hello, welcome, take a seat

January 2005
I am inspired to start this blogging business by pip
you know who you are
So you can blame him.........

I live life upside down
5.30AM wednesday morning 12th Jan 2005

wots goin' on in myworld............

2 loves tucked in bed many hours now, wont be long before they rise, i will pass them on the stairs, kiss good morning and sleep.

not all days are the same, which is good
later today hopefully brings some pay in (first ta to ebayworld) - dont knock it til you try it!!!!!!!

setting up 2 bose bass bins and 2 jbl's for buyers coming to buy (hopefully)

listening to mark radcliffe on the bbc radio2 'play again', from monday, fav radio show, 4 nights a week, give him a listen if you need some late night company

Hey i like the idea of this!
Never kept a dairy or, a diary for that matter! so this is all new stuff

Short and sweet will kick off my adventure into the wonderful world of blogging,

Things coming your way in the near future, my loves (well some of em!)
Ebay (kind of love -hate!)
Tannoy vintage speakers
Fender guitars
t'internet (love-hate again)!
Peter Kay
Streaming Radio
Bit Torrents
Panama cigars
red bull
my uno coffee pod machine
Prefab Sprout
music technology
kate bush

that'll do ya for now

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